Thursday, November 11, 2010

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I had one of those weeks that I would like to put behind me.  We all have them from time to time.  Today is a PA day at my daughter’s school (PA Day = no school) so we are going to spend the day with one of her close friends that moved about an hour away.  Looking forward to just relaxing for the day.
So when things don’t exactly go as planned, I head over to one of the following blogs for a quick pick me up. 
1.  Regretsy:  Just recently found this site and I have linked to a recent post that had me laughing out loud.  There is also a book by the same name. Regretsy is a play on words for the wonderful Etsy site where most of the items are found.
2.  Catalog Living:  Follows the lives of Gary and Elaine who live in home decor catalogs.  It’s written by LA based writer, actor and comedienne Molly Erdman.
3.  Unhappy Hipsters: The anonymous author captions photographs primarily from Dwell magazine.
An article published yesterday on the ABC News site discusses the popularity of Catalog Living and Unhappy Hipsters.
Have you found any other sites that bring a smile to your face?
Have a wonderful weekend.  Hope you laugh out loud!


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