Monday, November 8, 2010

Since the ceiling height in my living room is 12’, hanging a large piece of art over the sofa makes perfect design sense.    An original piece of art this large would cost a pretty penny but an art wall comprised of different pieces wouldn’t break the bank. 

This is how it looked recently.  The three photographs were taken by a friend and although I really love them, it was time for a change.


I was inspired when I received the abstract painting I bought in support of Matt Leblanc’s Art for Life campaign.  (He raised over $35,000 for the fight against cancer!)

I didn’t really have a wall that would suit just this one painting (24” x 24”), so I shopped my house for art and photos that would work with the abstract.   I have always loved the work of Anne Harwell and Laura Trevey, so I purchased prints from their Etsy shops as well. 


This is how it looks now and I just love it!   I had some girlfriends over recently and they said it really warms up the space.  That’s the beauty of art – it gives a home soul and personality.

Below is a breakdown of what is on the wall.  All of it has beauty, meaning or both.  I smile every time I look at it.  (I have moved the Be Happy up an inch since this photo was taken.)

I played around with the composition on the floor until this one felt right.  There is no right or wrong with this.  I didn’t want it to be perfect and tried real hard to make it look like the art was hung randomly – like it was collected over time.  I think it’s much easier to hang art in a grid with even spacing in between than to hang art randomly.  

The best thing about this arrangement  is that I can change some of the photos and can add to it on top if I feel the need.


1.  Photograph of a 15th century building, Portugal – Vanessa Francis
2. Lemon (acrylic) – Vanessa Francis
3. Photograph – taken by a friend
4.  Poster from a Paris art gallery (backpacking trip in the 1980’s)
5.  Nude (contours and foreshortening) done at art school – Vanessa Francis
6.  Photo of my Dad as a young boy in India (only photo that exists of my Dad as a child)
7. Oil painting of Montreal done by a dear family member (in the 70’s) who has since passed.
8.  My Mum in her early 20’s in England. (1960’s)
9.  Print on Canvas – Anne Harwell
10.  Original abstract – Matt Leblanc
11.  Life’s too short not to be happy, right? – Vanessa Francis (I may change this to a reddish background and stencil “Joy, Peace, Family” or something like that for the holiday season.)
12. Photographs of Venice and the Acropolis, Greece – taken with a very amateur camera on a backpacking trip.  Like how it is grainy and moody.
13.  Watercolour print – Laura Trevey

What do you think?

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