Monday, February 27, 2012

(a post where I share my goings on and/or links I loved this past week)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. My painter came by on Saturday to banish the beige from my living/dining room. What a difference! The room has a sort of Scandi feel now – light, airy and calm.  I will share photos of the room when it’s all put back together.  It’s the same colour used in this room and blogged about here.  This is how it looked before.


This also prompted me to change my art wall over my sofa (yet again – we decorators have this affliction to change things up too frequently.)   I wasn’t 100% happy with it so I am adding more photographs and some new paintings, less blue so that it is a bit more quiet and loose.  This is all in prep for my tv debut!  So, hopefully it will look more unstructured like these art walls:


  Above images via here.
quotealberthadley (quote from the last page of The Perfectly Imperfect Home)

Couldn’t have said it better myself Mr. Hadley. Have a wonderful week! 


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