Monday, February 13, 2012

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! It’s been awhile since I have done a Monday Meandering post where I share favourite links from the past week, events, products or sales – really anything that I think you may want to know about. 

1) I was happy to be featured again on the Style at Home site contributing to their post on Bloggers’ Budget Decorating Ideas: How to Use Paint.  You can read my tip as well as those from a few other fab bloggers here.  Thanks Style at Home!


2)  Geovin, one of my blog sponsors, is clearing out their floor models to make room for a completely new product line in March.  I can hardly wait! In the meantime, dining room and bedroom furniture are 50% off retail for the floor models.  Head on over.


For example, you can purchase these dining room chairs (with the table, etc.) – I just love them!  It would be really simple to change the fabric on the seats if you were so inclined.  I would use something like one of these blue fabrics from Galbraith and Paul’s Spring collection:

3) Back in design school, one of my favourite subjects was the History of Furniture. I have been enjoying Lisa’s series entitled Iconic Mondays where she writes about an iconic piece of furniture or designer. I had always hoped to write similar articles (and hopefully will at some point!)  This week it’s all about the Greek kline, the predecessor to today’s chaise. You can read it here as well as her previous entries.  Great job Lisa!

4)  Jen at Rambling Reno recently introduced a series entitled Blog Talk: Conversations on Blogging. It’s definitely worth a read whether you are new to blogging or have been doing it for a few years like myself.  You can read all of her previous entries here.  Be sure to read through the comments as well. 


5) Holly at Things That Inspire did a great round up of sectionals.  If you are considering purchasing one, take a look at the pretty images in her post. It doesn’t have to be brown leather! :)  You can read the post and comments here.

Stay tuned for a number of posts this week including a project sneak peek!  Have a good one!


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