Friday, November 4, 2011

Have you been watching the new season of Sarah’s House on HGTV Canada?   With a flu bug this week that has knocked me off my feet, I had time to catch up on the first six episodes.  I don’t plan on summarizing each episode as there are a few bloggers doing a brilliant  job of this already.  Instead, I thought I would share some  thoughts and ideas based on the episodes  in a few upcoming posts.

First up, I didn’t realize until recently that the 75 colours in the Sarah Richardson designer palette for Para  are the same as ones already in the fan deck.  My local Para dealer advised that on the back of each of her large paint chips (love the size of these!)  is another number that refers to its original place in the deck.

She chose her favourites from Para’s 2000 colours and had them renamed.  So if you are overwhelmed when looking at the Para fan deck, then maybe the 75 hand picked colours are all you need!


So Jet-Stream (SR 18) that she used in the family room above is actually Para’s Fan Light Grey (P2103-04). 


It’s what was used in this dining room that I blogged about here.  Great minds think alike! I love this colour. Interesting that it looks warmer (more beige) than in my photo due to lighting, photography etc.  I think her use of the colour illustrates her point that you can mix beige, latte and caramel colours with gray to great effect.


I LOVE the kitchen – my favourite part of the home so far.  She wanted to do something different than a classic, white kitchen which  if too bright a white can look stark.

She used SR73 Herringbone for the island and  SR43 Shoreline for the other cabinetry (both have a purplish undertone in my opinion.)   I think grey kitchens are here to stay and will have more longevity than say, cabinetry painted black or a colour like turquoise.



It’s funny – as decorators I think most of us would say to paint out the flimsy white chair rail to have it blend in with the bottom half of  the wall.  In this case, installing panel moulding below the chair rail and painting the chair rail and  the wall below in her go-to trim colour SR29 Snowfall may have been a better option. (Snowfall would also be a great choice for cabinetry.)


I love the warm orangey red (Barn SR 38) that she used in the mudroom.  This would look stunning in a dining room as well.

What did you think of the paint colours used in the episodes so far? Have you used any of the Sarah Richardson colours?  Please send photos if you have – would love to see!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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