Monday, April 11, 2011

I met with a new client over the weekend and we got talking about all of the decor inspiration that is out there on the web – via blogs, print magazine sites and now online magazines. She had no idea that online decor magazines even existed and asked where she could go to find links to the various digital publications.  Not knowing the answer, I said I would do a blog post.  I have grouped them by country and you can click on the image to go to the site. 

So, Angela, this post is for you (and anyone else who was looking for the same thing!)  I was surprised myself by the number that have been published in only the last 2-3 years.
I am looking forward to the debut of another online magazine tomorrow (April 12th.)   The editors of Traditional Home and Lonny have teamed up to create TradHome – a younger, hipper version of Traditional Home.


pure green living dabble covet garden


 image rue
highgloss  matchbook
 anthology nesting newbies
sweet paulstyled
tradhome1 houseoffifty1


ivy and piper
adore est

Some of these publications are quite lengthy while some are only a few pages; some focus on styling, entertaining and food;  some feature modern, stark spaces while others feature a mix.  They all  have a common thread – they are a visual treat, brimming with creativity and inspiration and are a welcome addition to what’s available in print media.  There is something for everyone. You can subscribe (it’s free!) at each site, so you don’t miss an issue of your favourites.

I will place a link to this post in my sidebar so that you (and I) can easily find it. 
Do you have a favourite?  Am I missing any?

Feeling inspired by these online magazines but not sure how to translate that to your own home? Contact me at for decorating assistance.


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