Friday, April 15, 2011

 GL 2008 1

GL 2008 2

Images scanned from Gardening Life, 2008. Photography by Michael Graydon.

There was a chat on Twitter yesterday about what to do with an ever growing collection of decor/design/gardening/lifestyle magazines.  Some people (not me) can give away/recycle theirs and others (like me) find it extremely difficult to part with them.  I think Peter Walsh is going to come looking for me one day!  I figure I have about 1000 magazines (mostly decor) going back to the late 90’s when we moved out west.   During the Twitter conversation, a  designer said  if you refer to your collection of magazines, it isn’t hoarding.  Good point!  I really only refer to the last one or two years.

So with those words of wisdom, I decided to look at some of the pages I had flagged in what was my favourite gardening magazine, Gardening Life which ceased publication at the end of 2008. I think garden design for the most part is timeless so a garden designed in 2001 will look just as relevant in 2011.   This garden design was one of my favourites as I long for a shady place to dine or relax in my own new suburbia, treeless backyard.

Speaking of gardens, please head on over to our auction for the Bloggers Give Back Garden Project to bid on one of the lovely items. It ends on April 23rd.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that the weather is warm enough for you to enjoy some time under a wisteria canopy or an old apple tree.


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