Monday, January 9, 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  Mine just ended as my daughter is back at school today after two weeks off.

I have some photos of my daughter’s room to share with you.  Here’s how it looked before and you can read a previous post here.


And here is the After:


I think you have seen everything before except the cute little ottoman/stool I had made from leftover headboard fabric.  (Wish I had taken an extra minute to fold the duvet cover properly.)

You know how I love Tommy Smythe? Did you catch him suggesting the floral fabric above for the girl’s room in the latest season of Sarah’s House?

Picnik collage

He said it would be a great jumping off point for a colour scheme with the pinks and greys. (Sarah thought it was a bit brown so they didn’t go with it.) I chose the fabric because I didn’t want a white or cream background as it would get/look dirty in no time.  I also loved the pink, coral and red combo found in the fabric.

The chair was the rocking chair we had since our daughter was a baby.


It is Canadian made and comfortable so I had it reupholstered in a stripe Kravet fabric and changed the rocker to legs.

Mayas chair

We have had the chair for 10 years and I’m sure it will last another 10!


The lamp used to look like this but I found a lovely pinky-red hand blocked print and Lia made a new shade and painted the base a cream colour.


You have seen the dresser before  but I changed the knobs to a different one from Anthropologie.   A painting by my daughter and a print from Cozamia look pretty over the dresser.

Besides the headboard, my favourite part of the room is the bookshelves from Ikea.  Before, the floor would be covered in books, magazines and “stuff” and now everything has a place.

(Photos 2,5,8 and 9 by Leah Kirin)

This is what held up completing the room.  I had been searching for one large wood bookcase to fill the wall to no avail.  I ended up going back to my first choice (doesn’t this always happen?) which was the Liatorp as two of them together fit the wall perfectly.  I love the beadboard detail and painted in this deep coral colour (pulled from the headboard fabric), I think it looks amazing.

I’ll do another post on the DIY linen bulletin board, the “art”. and the items on the shelves later.  Just want to add though that the “donuts” are actually a tea towel by Avril Loreti that I framed.

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