Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello again!  Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post!  It means the world to me!

Today I’m happy to kick off my Organization guest post series called “A place for everything…” which has been my mantra as of late (e.g. see my last post.)

Today’s tips are all about organizing jewelry.  I left it up to each blogger to decide what they wanted to write about and four (so far) came back with jewelry - great minds think alike!  You will love what these talented ladies and gent have to share!

1)  Barbara from hodge:podge:

Vanessa, I am flattered to be asked to share an organizational tip with your readers! Living with 5 people in one house can be an organizational challenge. I am always looking for ways to improve how things are organized. Thinking outside the box can really help with organization, I don't always want to put things away out of view but somehow incorporate our "stuff " into the design scheme and bring in the pretty. I have a beautiful cake stand I won a year ago, not wanting to hide it away in some dark cupboard, but didn't want it collecting dust on a bookcase, I decided to use it in my bedroom as a jewelry stand for my costume jewelry! When I need it for a party, I simply slide off the collection on top, give it a wipe and it serves another purpose. Then when I am done with it, back to the bedroom it goes.


I love displaying jewelry and another great way to store beautiful trinkets is to store them in pretty bowls. I found this pretty silver bowl at the thrift shop and gave it to my daughter to store some of her trinkets. Not only does it serve a purpose to corral her stuff, it adds a bit of pretty to her side table! Don't always think things need to be put away, display your collections and incorporate them into your decor. Not only is it organized in one spot, but pretty as well!


2) Jane from Modern Jane:

I don't profess to be a great organizer but here is one thing that works for me. I use one drawer in my dresser to store my earrings and bracelets. I use two crystal trays and a set of four crystal coasters. It keeps things organized but I also love the pretty sparkle of the glass against the shiny pieces! Less pretty, yet functional, is a plastic ice cube tray for small stud earrings and rings!

 3) Michael Penney from Michael Penney Style:
DIY Jewelry Organizer:

My wife Sara is forever picking new and vintage jewelry here and there and it's so easy for it to become one big jumble.  To make it easy to see what she has, I came up with this DIY jewelry organizer.  I started with an ornate picture frame from Value Village which I painted flat white.  The bad 70's painting inside (painted on a thing board) was popped out and covered with some left over linen fabric.  I used grosgrain ribbon and a glue gun to add a little border too.  Then I used regular tea cup hooks (meant for your kitchen cupboards) in a grid, screwing them right into the old painting board.  I was careful to leave enough space for most of her necklaces to hang without getting tangled.  It helps keep her organized and looks pretty too!

Photo credit:  Angus Fergusson, originally in House & Home Magazine.

4) Sundeep from Designwali

Hello Decor Happy Readers,

When it comes to organizing I have always dreamed of being one of those super organizers with label maker in hand...alas, doesn't happen for me in real life. I like things clean and for everything to more or less have a place (which for me can be as good as stashing stuff behind closed doors). For a long time my closet was a disaster zone and literally gave me big time anxiety (like the kind where 'I can't find anything' and 'I can't sleep' and 'I hate my whole wardrobe and somebody nominate me for What Not to Wear so I can get all new things' kind of anxiety). So I finally caved into my husband's suggestion to get a professional closet organizer put in (I was cheaping out for awhile and magically hoping my husband would DIY it) and man oh man, did it ever pay off. Now I have a gorgeous spot for my things and I love to organize my jewellery in my drawers, add hooks for my necklaces and use Japanese ceramics to hold all my bits and bobs. What have I learned from all of this? Closet organization makes you feel good and sparkly bauble organization is the key to a happy life (well, at least very very happy mornings).



Wasn't that fun to peek into these bloggers' homes? What creative and pretty ideas - not to mention their glam jewelry collection! Thank you so much for participating!  Be sure to head over to each of their lovely blogs to check out what they have been up to!

Come back on Thursday for more organizing tips from some of your favourite bloggers!


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