Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today, I’m happy to welcome three stylish bloggers who are sharing their closet organization tips. Find out how to outfit an empty closet, organize shoes and what makes the perfect hanger (plus more!)

 1) Vitania from Verdigris Vie:

Hello Décor Happy friends, it’s Vitania here from Verdigris Vie.  Happy New Year, are you off to a great start?  I was thrilled when Vanessa asked me to participate in this organizational post because I knew it would push me to tackle my upper hall closet!

A few years ago, we moved our laundry machines to the basement and we were left with a huge closet on the upper level.  I wanted to make sure I had a place for everything without spending too much.  A little research and I knew I could pull together exactly what we needed.  I headed over to Ikea and measured up the PAX wardrobe system, and then waited for their annual sale.  Four hundred dollars later I came home with this beauty.  It took a little time to shimmy in, but it fit better than I expected.  There are a few inches off on one side which is perfect for sliding the ironing board and extra baby gate into.  Coats, shoes, purses extra linens, and more are neatly tucked away. This month I might do the same with our entry closet!




It took 40 minutes for me to tidy up today.  Not included in these photos but making their way back into the closet are a scrabble game, a box of tea light candles, a pink piñata (don’t ask) and my husband’s yellow rain slicker. Some things just take away from a pretty picture.

So there you have it, an easy solution to optimizing the space in your closet!

Thanks Vanessa! xo, Vie

2) Christine from The Glam Blog:

Thanks so much for having me on your blog today to talk about organization in your closet. Besides diamonds, SHOES are definitely a girl's best friend and therefore, you must show your shoes some respect!  Beautiful shoes should never be left in the shoe box....they should be out on display in all their glory!!

If you are looking to better organize your shoes in 2012, than a shelf is a MUST.  You can get this via a fully built in closet organizer or a couple of shelves from any big box store!


When I was planning my built-in I specifically asked for shelves to display my shoes in my walk-in closet. And this is how I display my “BFFs.”


There are many ways to organize your shoes once they are displayed on a shelf:
· By colour
· By season
· By function
· By heel height


Mine is almost a combination of all the points above. The shoes I wear the most are at eye level and the ones I wear the least are at the bottom. You’ll notice that all the flats are at the bottom since you will rarely ever see me wearing flat shoes!

I also like to showcase each pair with one shoe facing forward and the other facing backward so I can see the front and back of each shoe. Some shoes have such magnificent heels while others have cute bows or gorgeous details on the front, so why ignore either end.....and it definitely helps to see both sides when choosing a shoe to wear!


Well, I hope you enjoyed your peek into my shoe closet and that I have inspired you to showcase your shoes on shelves also!  Happy Organizing!!

Glamorously yours,
Christine xoxo

3) Amy from Eyeseepretty:

Thanks Vanessa, for having me on your lovely blog! I’m thrilled to be taking part in your fabulous organizing series.

When it comes to organizing, I am a typical Virgo in that I like everything in its place (well most of the time). It makes me particularly happy to get ready in a well organized closet. It’s like shopping in a chic, exclusive boutique but without the credit card bills!

One of the things that I love about my closet is the hangers. Not just any hangers though...these velvet hangers not only take up a third of the space of a normal hanger, but the velvet keeps things from sliding off onto the floor. I purchased mine at Home Outfitters but I’ve also seen them at other retailers like Bed, Bath and Beyond and HomeSense. Trust me, these are life changing.


Storage can not only be functional but pretty as well. These great divided organizers are great to hold jewelry and scarves but I like to use mine for belts. Plus the geometric pattern looks great out on display.


I find that having pretty things about inspires me to be more creative in how I decorate and how I dress. It’s hard to throw on a pair of schleppy yoga pants when you have a leopard coat and a vintage Dior bag staring at you.


I looooove jewelry. I find that if it’s out, then I tend to wear it more often. Vintage pink ashtrays make great holders for rings and bangles. I also love how the bookends keep my clutches under control.

While this is a tiny space it makes me happy to start my morning here. Add a cup of coffee and I can’t help but have a great day. 
Thanks oh-so-stylish ladies for opening up your closets for us to have a peek!  I think I need to go shopping for shoes, jewelry and a fancy hat now! Not to mention, start tackling some of my own closets using these great tips.  

The January organizing series will conclude next week. You can read earlier posts here.  In the meantime, I’ll be back with some inspiration which you won’t want to miss!


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