Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I can’t believe I lived with our standard builder faucet for six years.  One of those “if it’s not broken, why fix it?” situations. 

Well, even though the faucet could have lived another six years, I felt it was time to add some pretty to the kitchen by way of a new faucet. (Would love to change out the counter and backsplash but those items are a wee pricier!)

She is the Baliza from Brizo (Delta’s premium brand.)  I had originally chosen the Venuto but soon realized that I wouldn’t be able to open my shutters because of the faucet’s high arc!   Not being able to open the shutters and window wasn’t an option so I returned it and chose the Baliza. 

Although not as statuesque, it still has a presence at almost 12” tall (just under the shutter!)   It’s design is based on a nautical lighthouse and it comes in four finishes -  I chose the chrome.  I wanted a single handle pull-out spray (rather than a separate spray) and this one has two-buttons and four functions:  stream, spray, volume control, and pause.   (I didn’t even realize this until I was writing this post!)  I did notice how smoothly the pull out moves though.


Baliza is the first pull-out or pull-down kitchen faucet to allow water volume to be controlled from the wand!   Brizo is always one step ahead of the curve!


And ready for her close up:

(Above two photos by Leah Kirin)

I can’t believe what a difference the new faucet has made.  (I  haven’t changed anything else in six years other than painting some art and displaying my tea towel from Bookhou which is too pretty to use!)
If you are looking to change your faucet, take a look at all the beautiful designs at  Brizo!

{Note:  A big thank you to Brizo for providing me with the faucet to try out.  Be sure to check out Masco Canada’s design and lifestyle blog Beige is Dead (love that name!)  Masco represents Brizo in Canada.}


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