Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Monday everyone! It’s a beautiful, sunny (albeit cold) day and it’s going to be a great week!

1)  The winner of the $50 giveaway to shop Indigo online is Lisa from Wicked and Weird.  (Don’t you love her blog name?) Congrats Lisa! I will forward your email to the folks over at Indigo.  Happy shopping!


2) I was happy to be a winner of this wee Jonathan Adler vase from Designwali.  Thank you!  I know the perfect place for it – my daughter’s coral back-painted bookcase which I will share soon – pinky swear!


3)  And speaking of Designwali, via another giveaway she hosted, I heard about local Etsy artist Robin Pocisk.  I was on the hunt for a vintage painting of a ship at sea and had searched antique markets to no avail.  So, when I saw this seascape of a boat with gold trim, no less,  I just had to have it! 


See, it is very sunny today hence the photo glare! I hung it on my art wall but it is very similar to another painting I have, so I may relocate it to my office.  I guess I know what I like – paintings with all shades of blue!!  What do you think? 

4)  I recently heard about Gifts for Strangers via  It's a simple movement where you buy or create inexpensive gifts and hand them out to strangers on a set day - this year it is December 17th.  What started last year in Toronto has spread globally and you can even add your city here. (It reminded me of the fellow in Australia who handed out 30 presents to strangers on his 30th birthday. )


The sole purpose of these initiatives is to spread joy and kindness in the world – nothing more.  Check to see if there is a location near you and join in if you can!

Have a happy week everyone!



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