Friday, June 18, 2010

Is it just me, or are you noticing zebra rugs everywhere?  It seems in the last week especially,  zebra rugs have been popping up in rooms on blog posts and magazines frequently. 

I think for the most part they are real hides and not fake and for some reason this just makes me a bit squeamish.  I don’t think I could walk on one or worse yet, eat dinner with my feet resting on one.  (I remember a basement of a house that I staged was filled with dead animals on the wall and a bear skin with the head intact on the floor.  I screamed when I stepped on it and I’m sure the homeowners must have thought I was nuts!)

These rooms are all beautiful no doubt and the zebra rugs add a graphic punch.  I always have admired Jenna Lyons’ living room (with the yellow sofa) but why is the zebra necessary?  What am I missing?  Do you think they really add to a room and make it current? 








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