Friday, June 11, 2010

This vintage rattan swing in a model condo designed by Lee Kleinhelter in the latest issue of Lonny had me thinking of how I could rig this up somewhere in my home.   Not sure how comfy it would be but it would certainly be a whole lot of fun.


Ikea’s Svinga has a similar vibe but again I wonder about the comfort. 


Traditional swing in a dining room, anyone?

skonahem  swingFamilyatHomeviaRemodelista

Hope you all have a fun weekend!  It’s my daughter’s 8th birthday so ten of her besties will be at the house to paint t-shirts, dance, play goofy games and if the weather co-operates do the slip-and-slide and jump on her new Springfree trampoline.

(1 – Lonny; 2 – via sfgirlbybay; 3 - skonahem; 4 – Family at Home via Remodelista)


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