Friday, January 18, 2013

When I purchased my home from a builder 9 years ago, all of the rooms (except for the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, front entry and hall) came with the standard saxony broadloom with a low face weight meaning not very thick.

I upgraded the family room carpet to a berber with the builder but I kept the standard carpet in the other rooms until I could replace with a higher quality berber carpet or hardwood over time. (I have hardwood now in most of the rooms.)

I was on the hunt for an inexpensive but good quality (and soft) berber to replace the upgraded berber in the family room and the standard carpet in two of the bedrooms (one used as a den and the other used as my daughter’s hang-out room. I’ve been told playroom is too juvenile!)

Although I do love hardwood, the two bedrooms are over the garage and are prone to being cold in the winter. Carpet is insulating and cozy and absorbs sounds, meaning when my daughter is practicing her hip-hop routines, I don’t hear her downstairs!

When I spied this berber at the Home Depot, I knew it would be perfect for the three rooms.  Berber carpeting is crafted from continuous fiber loops which means that it is extremely durable and doesn't show footprints or vacuum tracks.


It’s a Martha Stewart 100% nylon berber (the next best thing to wool) and I chose a light colour called Sisal with no pattern. It really does mimic a natural fibre.  I used the best underpad the Home Depot sells and I have to tell you, it is so soft and comfy underfoot.  Just perfect for when my daughter has sleepover’s.  They all can pile in with their sleeping bags in the family room or “hang-out” room.


When choosing carpet,  the warranties are important to know. I love that this carpet has a lifetime stain and soil warranty and a 20 year texture and abrasive wear warranty.  That is incredible!  The berber that I upgraded to with the builder wore out very quickly and even though I cleaned it, the stains never came out.  It was inferior quality even though I paid a lot for it. 



The above photo is my daughter’s craft/hang-out room, professionally photographed with the builder carpet.


This is how it looks now with the Martha Stewart berber – much better, right?  (not professionally photographed – did I mention I’m investing in a quality camera this year?)


And here is the other bedroom/den with the new carpet (photo by me.)  The neutral colour works well with everything and doesn’t compete with the wallpaper or fabrics. Did I mention that it is really soft? :)

Thank you Home Depot for the carpet.  The rooms feel more modern and clean with the berber.  It’s hard to explain but the saxony carpet gave it a real dated and cluttered feel.

Take a look at the Home Depot, if you are considering carpet.  You can see all of their carpet selections here.

Happy weekend everyone! I have a busy one – out with my university friends tonight, celebrating my sister’s birthday tomorrow and out with our adoption group on Sunday. Fun, fun!


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