Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The one area in my house that I’m constantly changing is my fireplace mantel in the family room. Such a simple act can really transform a room.  You can see how it looked before here.

I’m not really into pumpkins and gourds so this is my take on a Fall mantel.


The large brass candlesticks purchased this past weekend at the Aberfoyle antique market inspired the decorating.  I was told these candlesticks are from the 1930’s – not sure if this is true and it doesn’t really matter as I love their shape, size and patina.

Yesterday, I was sourcing wallpaper for a client at Schumacher and came across the most beautiful wallpaper I have ever seen.  It’s called Rampura and I loved the turquoise colourway with navy and gold. You can see it in the image below taken from the Schumacher site.  It was just launched last month and is part of their Jaipur/Hand Block collection. You can see the entire stunning collection here.

The candlesticks didn’t look great against the butter colour of my walls (Benjamin Moore’s Standish White) but when I placed the wallpaper behind – they looked gorgeous. I always have paint canvases lying around (for when I have time to paint which is almost never) so I painted it out a navy colour. The other wallpaper sample is Sarana Vine in Cerise .  Thank you Schumacher for your samples – I never intended to use them as art but they are so beautiful and I couldn’t help myself!



I added some hydrangeas and branches from the garden, placing the branches in front of a nude painting I did in art school.  (My daughter looked at me in amazement when I was telling her that yes it was a real person modelling and she was even more embarrassed that I placed it on the mantel – her exact words were “That’s gross Mum.”)




I painted the painting that is hidden behind the nude – washes of indigo/blue/pink/gold.  I adore my new hand blocked indigo pillows from West Elm and so inexpensive too.

Do you decorate for the seasons or Halloween?

I’m linking up to Layla’s Fall Mantel link party.

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