Friday, September 16, 2011

Yes, I have been a terrible blogger. I thought that when my little Miss went back to school that I would have all of this time to blog.  Nope.  I have always said that my work comes before blogging – I can’t possibly blog when I have clients waiting for floor plans, design plans, etc.etc.  I know some of them read my blog so what kind of a designer would I be?

So this is a quick post to share these photos from The Selby of interior designer Abigail Ahern’s London home which you may have already seen.   I have been on the hunt for the perfect deep, moody blue to paint my office.  This seems to be it – I’m not sure if she used the same blue throughout her home though.







“Fascinating to look at, comfortable and luxurious to live in.”  Well said Abigail – think I may borrow that.  To read more of her thoughts on design including how to live with dark walls, check out her blog here.

Happy weekend everyone.  Hope it’s a good one.


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