Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Kate came up with the idea to have bloggers share their favourite (or favorite!) things in their town.

Milton is one of the fastest growing towns in Canada but has still maintained its small town charm.  I moved here six years ago as house prices were a lot less than where I was living (15 minutes east in Mississauga.)    It’s close to the 401 and 407 (our major highways) and approximately 45 minutes northwest of Toronto.  New venues such as our Center for the Arts are being built to meet the demands of the growing population.   Here’s what else  I love about Milton.

1) The architecture and beauty of the historic homes.  The oldest homes date back to the mid-1850’s – certainly not old when compared to the US or Europe.  I love driving through this neighbourhood.  The historical homes have plaques indicating the year they were built and who lived there. (I hope the homeowner’s don’t mind having these photos up!)




The second home built in 1882 with the gorgeous manicured garden always incites a smile whenever I drive by.  I can only imagine what the inside looks like.

2)  Wonderful restaurants including my personal fave,  La Toscana.  It was once the historic Thompson Hotel which opened in 1847.


3)  Farms nearby and a thriving Farmer’s Market with produce from all over Ontario.


4) Hiking trails, parks and streams close by.


Milton is situated near the Escarpment so we are  fortunate to have hiking trails within a few minutes of where we live. We always buy a family annual pass which gives you unlimited entry to six parks/trails in the area – totally worth it! I took this photo of one of my favourite trails and look forward to those crisp Fall days which are ideal hiking weather.

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Do you love where you live? 

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