Wednesday, July 6, 2011

There’s nothing like paint to transform objects, furniture or cabinetry that are dated and have seen better days.  I was so happy when I discovered Burlington-based Paint it Like New and would like to welcome them as my newest blog sponsor.

I recently visited to see their operation (it’s a well-oiled machine I tell you!) and hear about their process.  Paint it Like New has been around since 2009 and has grown by leaps and bounds ever since.  I was surprised to learn that they paint around 20 kitchens a month!  With the average price for spraying a kitchen (with 30 doors) being in the $1000 ballpark, I can see why people are lining up.

Janet (right) and her right hand, Janelle.


I love that they only use low VOC paint with a choice of sheen.
1.  Sanded kitchen cabinet doors will be washed with TSP and rinsed.  2.  Waiting to be sprayed  3. Spray booth   4.  Painted Ikea kitchen cabinets.


You don’t have to choose white when painting a piece – just look at these pretty pieces.  I especially loved the green-gray on the Swedish-inspired bench.  The bedroom suite is done in a custom colour which is a true, dark brown.


If you have a piece that you are interested in getting painted, contact Janet or Janelle for a quote.  They are happy to help!  Check out their gallery for more inspiration.

Next week I will share a couple of pieces that I had sprayed – stay tuned!


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