Monday, July 25, 2011

Hello!  I'm back at it after a very relaxing, fun week away. Nothing like a holiday to get you recharged and refreshed.

I was hoping to run this post while I was away but as I lamented in my previous post, I had technical difficulties. 

So, welcome Cecilia from Everything in 3's!  She is a talented interior designer based in Hingham, Mass. and was recently published in Design New England.  You can read her post here.  And while you're there, check out some of her other inspirational and informative posts.


I am honored that Vanessa has asked me to guest post on Decor Happy today.  Decor Happy has been a great resource for me and is my go-to blog for all the happenings on the Canadian design scene.  Over the past several months, I've enjoyed the friendship that I have developed with Vanessa (albeit virtual, there IS a common thread between the styles we love), and look forward to meeting her in person someday in the future.
Over on my blog, Everything in 3s, I focus on the principle of three in design, and "threes" concepts in fashion, interior design and lifestyle.  Why threes?  Let's just say, my life is ruled by threes...and if interested, you can read more about that over here.
With threes in mind, Vanessa had asked that I share three (3) of my favorite rooms.  I took her request one step further.  Because I continue to learn about Canadian designers here on Decor Happy, I decided to return the favor and share 3 rooms by 3 of my favorite New England designers.

photo credit:  Sam Gray

#1)  Kate Jackson, of Kate Jackson Design, is probably my favorite, and is one of Rhode Island's "hottest designers."  Kate's style is so unique.  Her spaces seamlessly mix the old with the new;  antiques with modern elements, and usually one-of-a-kind pieces.  This light-filled kitchen (above) demonstrates Kate's style and philosophy.
One of the most striking features is the kitchen island.  Its stainless steel frame and thick countertop are sleek, modern and bold.  The soft, textured natural fabric on the circular, antique-iron stools sit beautifully in contrast against the island.  The lighting is also a mix -- the dark, oil rubbed bronze pendant lights are juxtaposed with the brushed nickel bullet lights that run along the beams in the ceiling.  And the farmhouse pine table, grounds the contemporary lines with a nod to New England's history.
This living room is quintessentially Kate Jackson;  again, fresh and modern, mixing natural textures, antiques and vintage items.

photo credit:  Natalie Manning courtesy of Kate Jackson Design
Kate warms up the soothing palette of an all-white living room, with sand beige, sea-glass green and ocean blue accents by using natural textures - the woven shades, the natural linen - and the contrasting warm wood-paneled ceiling and dark wood furnishings.  It's crisp, comfortable and very beach-chic.
In the example below, you'll see the elements of Kate's style (as described above) but with more of a modern flair.

photo credit:  Sam Gray
  •             Graphic patterns, bold horizontal stripes and animal prints add the modern touch to this beach house living room. 
  •            Again, classic pieces mixed with vintage nautical items - the Japanese glass fishing float on the shelves, and a framed vintage bathing suit (not pictured, see here).
Kate's talent never ceases to amaze me, which is why I've blogged about her on a few occasions (here).
#2)  Next up is a dining room by Katie Rosenfeld of Katie Rosenfeld Design.

photo credit:  Michael J. Lee
Katie believes everyone’s home should reflect their own personality.  Her philosophy is that "something old belongs in every space in every room no matter what the design style is."  Katie claims that, "these are the things that create eclecticism, whimsy, personality and history in an otherwise 'just bought off the rack' space. Without these (old items), a room can feel like a showroom or worse yet, a hotel."
I love this dining room, because of all of the different pieces of furniture that Katie has put together:  the vintage, white-lacquered Chinese Chippendale console table; the blonde, butter-pecan stained trestle table;  the blue and white, French bistro side chairs; and the treillage back arm chairs upholstered in the bright green China Seas fabric.  My single favorite item - the painting - it's a focal point that, along with the unexpected modern chandelier, makes the room feel clean and crisp.  Katie has brilliantly mixed pieces from different periods, with different aesthetics and even with a bright pop of green.  She has created a cohesive space that feels fresh and calm.
Another element of Katie's style is her ability to combine gorgeous patterns with bright, bold colors, as shown in this office.

photo credit:  Michael J. Lee
  •           Love the way the traditional pink and green toile shade sits against the beautiful graphic wallpaper!
  •           Katie infuses pops of turquoise - the chandelier, seat cushion, books on the desk - in an almost all pink-and-green room.
  •          The "old" item - a vintage Chinese Chippendale chair.
This boy's room is modern and sophisticated - one that a toddler can grow into years down the road.

 photo credit:  Michael J. Lee
  • The bold red and white zebra rug , the suspended airplane and the paper lantern add visual interest and whimsical decor.
  • The vintage poster is boyish yet mature.
I admire Katie's fearlessness with color and patterns and love her philosophy of making your home a reflection of "you."  Katie has great taste and offers everyday design tips over on her blog, Bogle Street.
#3)  And finally, Molly Frey of Molly Frey Design.

Molly's work focuses on re-models, renovations, additions and new construction.  Because her background is in architecture and interior design, her spaces are cohesive, thoughtful, well designed and livable.  I believe her signature spaces are clean and uncluttered, often in soothing, soft palettes of white, seaglass and pale greys. 
This kitchen was featured in Traditional Home and showcases elements that I love in design.  The open shelves are a Molly Frey trademark.  I love how the kitchen feels modern and yet has a bit of a rustic feel, with the antique elements -- such as the antique hutch that was converted into a wet bar, and the chunky, antique balusters that were used as legs on the center island.  The high ceilings and open concept into the dining area, make for a gorgeous entertaining kitchen.
Molly's designs incorporate many out-of-the-box ideas.

  •      The beadboard that continues up from the fireplace mantel is an example of Molly's clever design. 
  •           The height of the wainscoting, above the mantel, is creative and draws the eye up towards the vaulted ceilings.
  •           Signature Molly Frey colors - all white, sea glass and pale turquoise - calm and soothing.
In addition to her gorgeous, flawless interiors, Molly's talent spans into architectural details.

Photos courtesy of  Molly Frey Design.

  •          This entranceway is divided into thirds - with the two symmetrical, floor-to-ceiling custom windows flanking the front door.
  •          The lattice-work built into the framework of the porch mimics the window panes and adds a modern touch next to the traditional white columns.
Molly's work has been published in Traditional Home, Better Homes and Garden, New England Home and Renovation Style, to name a few.  And is mentioned, quite often, over at House of Turquoise.

The common thread with all 3 designers is mixing old and new; traditional (or classic) and modern; sleek and rustic, creating cohesive, clean and calm interiors.   These are all elements that I love and I believe Vanessa loves as well.


You're right Cecilia! I love the aesthetic of all three designers' work.  Thank  you so much for guest blogging and introducing us to this talented trio.  Oh, and I hope to meet you one day as well!


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