Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I’m sure by now you have seen or heard about the highly anticipated (especially by me) Sarah 101 which aired last night on HGTV Canada.  If you haven’t watched it or don’t have access to it on the tele, you can watch it here.

There was so much information and inspiration packed into the 1/2 hour show - it could easily be an hour.  As is Sarah Richardson’s usual practice, a fabric  was her jumping off point for the colours and design direction for the room.  In this case, it was the bold, multi-coloured floral used on the two chairs.


Some highlights/design advice from the show:

  • it’s important to address the structural issues like the stucco ceiling and wood floors in disrepair before you work on the pretty
  • when upholstering a sofa, use an inexpensive cotton on the body and a more luxe fabric like velvet on the seating
  • loved the bold fabric on the shapely chairs and the rug covered ottoman
  • a plate wall as art can be inexpensive but have maximum impact
  • use of pink (pantone’s colour of the year), gold/brass (mirrors, chandelier) and medium tone wood floors are trends that we are seeing a lot of
  • the fully upholstered chairs in the dining room are lovely but not practical if you have kids, unless this room isn’t used every day (the seat covers were washable though so that’s a good thing)
  • the tile detail in the entry is classic Sarah – small investment/big impact

You can see more photos here and the Shopping Guide here.  Sarah always shares her resources – love that about her!

In the show credits,  Tommy’s role is given as “Design Sidekick.”  It would be so much fun to have a Tommy to work with!  You can read more about Tommy and Sarah from my meeting with them here.

Have you seen the show? What were the highlights for you?


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