Monday, January 31, 2011

This past week flew by at lightning speed.  I haven’t blogged or had a chance to read blogs but I’m hoping this week is a bit more calm.

The Interior Design Show (IDS) media preview, dinner and opening night party, Trade Day, client work, guest blogging as well as other social and family activities have filled the week with fun and creativity overload.

First, you may have noticed that things look a little different around here. My new blog header and layout have been installed. A few things need to be tweaked, most notably the sidebar labels and layout.  It was a much needed improvement and I think the header says “fresh and happy” which was my goal.

The other item of note that I must mention is that I wrote a guest blog post for the Design DNA blog on the Eames LCW chair.  I have coveted this chair for decades!  If you are interested in the history of household items like furniture, toys and appliances to name a few,  tune in to HGTV Tuesday nights at 9:30 EST in Canada.
Now on to IDS!

Wednesday, Jan 26:  IDS Media Preview

A few bloggers and media types were invited to a media preview to see a behind the scenes look at IDS.  Booths were still undergoing construction, hence the need for our yellow accessory. Thanks to Shauna Levy, IDS co-founder, who took time out of her schedule to give us the tour and Faulhaber PR for organizing.  You may recognize some familiar faces in the group and that’s Shauna with the long, curly hair in the back row.
(Photo courtesy of Michelle.)

We all know Sarah Richardson, but many us didn’t know her brother Theo Richardson until now. He is a partner in the NYC-based product design firm, Rich, Brilliant, Willing.  Their Sibling Revelry space – bedroom, home office and dining room – was inspired by Theo’s products. You can see some of his products above - white pendant, clock, red dining chair and glass pendants.

We had an opportunity to chat with Sarah and Tommy Smythe, here with Arren Williams

1. John Tong talking about the design of the Audi lounge;  2. Glenn Dixon’s glamourous space with mirrors within panel moulding;  3. Sarah Richardson’s Vitra Panton chair signed by designers including Miles Redd auctioned for Casey House; 4. Alfred Sung’s outdoor furniture line,  Blackwatch tartan; 5. exterior of the Brothers Dressler’s space using reclaimed windows; 6, 7 Miele introduced their G5000 dishwasher with interior lighting and a 3D cutlery tray and their dual oven and steam cooker in a white finish;  8. Montreal-based Thien and My Ta Trung designed a Sibling Revelry space and showcased some pieces from their store which is opening a location in Toronto (if I overheard right!)

Thursday, Jan 27:  Dinner and IDS Gala

IDS Tweetup
1 – Leigh Ann, Sarah, Christine and Lindsay; 2 – Tracy Moore, Cityline; 3 – Margot Austin, Style at Home; 4 – Michelle, Ana and Lisa; 5 – Christine and  Lindsay; 6 – Christine and Arren Williams.
Designers Sonya and Meredith came up with the idea of having a dinner before the IDS Gala so that we could meet other design bloggers and tweeters.  Cityline, with Kimberley Seldon,  filmed a segment on twitter.  Some folks from Style at Home brought amazing prizes and gifts.  It was a fun night!

The very stylish and fun Ana, Sarah, Christine, Christine, Lindsay.

Friday, Jan 28:  Trade Day

IDS just keeps getting better year after year.  There was a lot to take in.  The following snapshots are of products and spaces that inspired me.

1.  Ooi – lighting constructed from multiple layers of paper; 2. Brothers Dressler; 3. Snob – brass pendants from Egypt; 4. Arbutus and Denman – pendants made from spun aluminum.

Area rugs
1. Elte; 2, 5, 6. Modern Weave; 3, 7.  Weavers Art; 4. W Studio  I think these all speak for themselves.

studio north
1. Cushions by graphic designer, Nicole Tarasick;  2, 4 Wallpaper and textile design by Lucia Kinghorn; 3. Wool blankets by Oleana.

These stained glass mosaic tiles from Edgewater Studio in Vancouver are simply the most gorgeous tiles I have ever seen.  My favourite is the one in the middle.

I loved Style at Home’s fresh, colourful space.  Go here to see more photos.  The chalkboard sketches drew you in to Montauk’s large space.  I must have a Montauk sofa in my lifetime!

sibling revelry
These photos below taken from Sarah’s site are much better than the ones I took.  You can see how much they accomplished from the time of the Media Preview.  Sorry to be so Sarah-centric but out of all the spaces at the show, I can relate to these and they are classic Sarah.

I hope I didn’t lose you in this epic post!  It was an amazing week and I was so happy to be included in all of these fun and informative events.  I was inspired by the people I met, the people I spent time with and the people that create!  If you have never been to IDS, be sure to make note for the end of January 2012.


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