Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I’m happy to be participating in the Blog For Digs campaign organized by Claudia at Stonehouse Love to raise awareness for Dwell with Dignity.   Dwell with Dignity is a non-profit group of Interior Designers and volunteers dedicated to creating comfortable homes for families struggling with homelessness and poverty.
Bloggers were asked to write about their childhood bedroom and it has been fun to read everyone’s posts.  It’s interesting that no one has posted actual photos of their childhood bedroom.  I don’t have any photos either, nor do I have any clear memories. I had to rely on my Mom to fill in the details for me.
By the time I was 7, I had lived in three different countries.   We came to Canada from England via Jamaica, each time leaving behind our possessions and starting new.  I guess it was too expensive to ship everything.  Our first house in Canada was a 3 bedroom bungalow.  I shared a bedroom with my older sister and my younger sister had her own room. 
Our bedroom had twin beds with white vinyl tufted headboards,  a table in between and a white dresser.  We had red and white floral comforters and red drapes. I do remember that it had parquet flooring. Sounds very Scandinavian and may be why red is an accent colour in my home today.
Even though I have absolutely no recollection of this room I do have warm and fuzzy memories of playing “Movie Stars” with my sister before we fell asleep. 

An updated red and white colour scheme via decorpad.
I shared a bedroom until I was 12 when we moved into a two-storey, four bedroom house.  Because of my Mom’s love of wallpaper, no bedroom was left untouched.  My wallpaper was a green and orange floral and the carpet was rust which was THE carpet colour of choice back in the 70’s.  The wallpaper was similar to this.
This girl’s bedroom with a bold Marimekko  floral on one wall is an updated version of what I grew up with.
I still love an upholstered headboard (but not in vinyl!) like this shape.
Dans Mon Boudoir posted here  and Style Swoon will be posting about her childhood bedroom on Jan 4th.  To see the schedule of bloggers participating, go here.   Most importantly, please visit Dwell with Dignity to support their efforts.
What do you remember about your childhood bedroom?


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