Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thought I would take this opportunity to inspire (no, urge) those of you who haven’t donated to help the people of Haiti, to please do so. We have all seen the images on TV and in the newspapers this week and it is so heart wrenching to see the loss and devastation. One of the poorest countries in the world just got knocked down again. And knocked down hard. Relief efforts are well under way by Canadian agencies. The National Post had a great article today on how to donate. We can’t ignore this, please take a few minutes to call or donate online at any one of the following key agencies in Canada:

World Vision

Canadian Red Cross

Habitat for Humanity

Doctors without Borders

Save the Children

Salvation Army You can text Haiti to 45678 and $5 will be charged to your next cell bill. How easy is that? For the price of a coffee and bagel, you can save a life and build hope for the future.

Haiti2 World Vision image

Dave Toycen, President of World Vision Canada, wrote: “As I try to move through the debris-filled streets of Port-au-Prince, I'm horrified to see that so many children are on their own, frightened and hungry, unable to find their parents.” Can you imagine your child being in this situation? Please do what you can to help.


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