Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is your reno project this year to finally rid yourself of the worn carpet on your stairs and replace it with hardwood? You know, the stairs that greet your guests as they walk in the door? Maybe you just want to paint out the spindles and railing and replace the carpet? I have had quite a few clients in recent months who want to do just that. One of my trades professionals specializes in this and the results are quite dramatic. If you are choosing upgrades for a new home, it’s money well spent to upgrade the stairs to hardwood. If you are not convinced, take a look at these inspirational images.

Stephen Gambrel


Canadian House and Home


Living etc.

White bright airy hallway under stairs storage banisters painted flooring real home L etc 09/2007 pub orig

Living etc.

Hallway flight stairs slate flooring chandelier black John Reeves designer console table Bourgie table lights real home L etc 09/2007 not used

Living etc.

White landing flight of stairs banisters L etc 05/2007 not used real home

Living etc.


Living etc.


Martha Stewart Living


via Design Sponge. If it’s not in the budget to replace your stairs with hardwood, painting the spindles white, staining the railing dark or painting it black and replacing the carpet with a striped one like this just might do the trick.


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