Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hey there! Just popping in to say Hello and let you know that my Spring mantel was featured on the Style at Home Blog.  You can see it here as well as other Easter decorating tips from other bloggers.

via Decor Happy blog

If you have been reading my blog for awhile now, you know that I am always changing my mantel decor.  It’s quick and easy and doesn’t require any big purchases.

via Decor Happy blog

I was trying to channel Yangyang Pan when painting.  (I have blogged about her before, I own one of her prints and I had a client purchase one of her original paintings – so to say I am a fan is a huge understatement!)  Her use of vibrant colours and composition is brilliant as in Floating Clouds #2 on her homepage – I wished she offered painting classes!  The pink votive holder I picked up at Target which just opened up 10 minutes from my house.  The other items I already had. Simple, easy and fun!

Do you do any Spring/Easter decorating?

Enjoy the long weekend! And if you get a chance, the One of a Kind Show is on now until Sunday.  Make sure you stop by Yangyang’s booth to see exactly why I am obsessed with her – she has a booth for the first time.  

PS You may have heard that Google Reader is being shut down as of July 1st. I know a lot of you read by blog that way – in fact, I was surprised at how many!  Many bloggers have mentioned bloglovin’ as a great alternative. So go here to follow me! I use Flipboard on my ipad to follow blogs and catch up on FB, Twitter etc. and there are other ways to quickly read through your favourite sites.

Happy Easter!


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