Monday, April 8, 2013

Hey! Hope you had a happy weekend!

1) One of the things I checked off my work TO DO list this weekend was to source original art for over (one of my favourite) client’s sofa.  We had originally sourced an abstract landscape painting in moody  blues but I thought there would be a bit too much blue in the room. (My client shares the same love of blue that I have!)

Vanessa Francis Design

When I first saw this piece at In2art gallery, I didn’t pay much attention but the more I looked at it, the more I realized it was perfect.  The two smaller chairs which you can’t see in the photo will have cushions in a mustard colour. The gold/mustard tones in the art also pick up on the brass lamps and there is a hint of the rug colour in the painting as well. The colours and the size are just perfect. I will blog more about this room when done – I’m really quite jealous of my client! (Well, I’m hoping to have this home published because it’s that good! So if any magazine peeps are reading – contact me! :) ) I have been on the hunt for a vintage coffee table with a glass or stone top and a metal base. There was nothing quite right so I have sourced a number of new tables (future blog post coming soon!)

2) Here’s something fun.  Rue Magazine featured a few designers on their blog (including me) talking about why we love the Elle Decor Lookbook ipad app. You can see it here.

Vanessa Francis Design 

3) Speaking of art, I received an email from Posterjack introducing their Photoboards around the same time I spied this image on Pinterest. This is totally doable and affordable – no reason for blank walls!

large photographs in colour

4) Planning a kitchen reno? You’ll want to read this.

5) If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen this image I took at the Marilyn Monroe Cafe in Oakville.  I have to say that it is one of the most prettiest and inviting cafe’s I have been in. On further investigation, I discovered that it was designed by the talented duo at Mason Studio.


6) You know I love blue.

7) Sherry pulled together the design of her nephew’s bedroom on a budget and within a week! Read it here and also go back and read the post where she finds all her bargains. That lady has talent and luck!

8) I’m sad about this but completely understand.  I met Janell and had dinner with her at Blogfest 2011 in NYC and what a lovely, kind person she was.  I had been following her blog for years and to actually meet her was so much fun.

Hope this long post makes up for my lack of blogging lately. I’m off to see my RMT and hoping she can ease the pain in my right arm/wrist/shoulder.  I’m sure it’s from too many hours spent working at my desktop. (hence the lack of blogging lately)

Have a happy week!

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