Monday, April 19, 2010


Editor in Chief Stephen Drucker’s column in the May issue of House Beautiful is full of “big advice” and I just had to reprint it in its entirety. Love that he didn’t want to “waste a page” by saying his goodbye. Mr. Drucker is a big supporter of design blogs, so I’m sure he won’t mind if I reprint this.

“No object in a room should wink at you (thank you, Billy Baldwin). Always group things in odd numbers. Beware of using more than two pairs of anything in a room. You never really know what a mirror will do until you hang it. Never, ever paint an entire room until you’ve lived with big sample boards of three possible colors for 24 hours. Pick your paint colours last. Pick your kitchen floor first, before the cabinets. When you’re not sure what color throw to buy, remember, you can’t miss with chartreuse. Beige rooms are beautiful in sunlight but can die at night. If you’re afraid of sitting on it, touching it, or breaking it, get rid of it. Don’t try to use too many ideas in one room. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that any one piece of anything is going to “make” your room.”

Stephen Drucker

Wasn’t that great advice? Decorating 101 in a dozen sentences.

Congratulations Mr. Drucker as you begin your new position today at Town and Country where I’m sure you will continue to inspire and inform your readers.


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