Thursday, April 1, 2010

You may have heard that Target may be opening up shop here in Canada sometime in the next couple of years. You can read an article here. There are differing opinions on whether this is a good thing but I must say that I am thrilled that we will have another retailer that sells, among other things, inexpensive decorating items.

The blogs have been abuzz over the last few weeks because Liberty of London has recently introduced some products exclusive to Target. “Liberty, the British department store of worldwide repute, was founded in 1875. The Liberty name is synonymous with signature bold florals and exuberant prints drawn from its art rich heritage and reworked with a modern sensibility.” I took this narrative from the price tag of one of the items I bought this past weekend in New York.

We were there to visit my husband’s family but stopped in at a Target on the trip home, specifically to see the Liberty merchandise. I had heard that some items were sold out but there was a good selection at this particular store (Webster, NY.)

The girls’ clothing was especially cute but my daughter is at the age (almost 8) where she thinks floral prints are not cool. I did manage to bribe persuade her to buy one sundress and some denim shorts. I also bought some office supplies – notebooks, cards and file folders. Very stylish and very affordable. The candles all smell beautiful and are made in Canada! (I’m wondering by whom and where can I purchase them here.)

I snapped a couple of photos of these pretty pillows and picture frames. With our Canadian dollar being at par (or better) with the US dollar, you may want to make a trip across the border this holiday weekend to see for yourself.

liboflondon2 liboflondon


liboflondon3viadecor8 liboflondon2viadecor8

The above three images are from the press release via Real Simple.


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