Thursday, February 11, 2010

The third issue of Lonny is out. For those who haven’t heard – it is a free online design magazine c0-founded by Michelle Adams and friend and professional photographer Patrick Cline. Adams was a contributing editor at Domino (no longer published) and was inspired to fill the void for people seeking affordable decorating tips, ideas and products. Because there are no page restrictions to the online format, they can show a large number of photos for each space. Adams says that “Decorating does not have to be a mystery. It can be fun, easy and inexpensive.” One of her favourite features of the magazine is clicking on any item which takes you directly to the product’s website.

The photography is beautiful, especially the detail shots. Loving the piece on Betsy Burnham’s Instant/Space for clients who want the expertise and vision of a designer but want to save on design fees by executing the design plan themselves. Also love the rustic and simple beauty of the Belgian-influenced 1744 Connecticut home. But don’t listen to me, read it for yourself here.

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