Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Monday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I worked most of the weekend but I’m not complaining as I love what I do especially when it’s with wonderful ongoing clients!

I’m happy to introduce you to my newest sponsor on the blog.  Welcome Decor-Rest Furniture Ltd!  They are a Canadian fine upholstery manufacturer celebrating 40 years in the business this year.

I own two Decor-Rest sofas – one I have had for years that I recently slipcovered and the other that I will share with you soon!  They offer quality, stylish upholstered pieces at a very affordable price point.

Decor-Rest logo - 40th

The company was started by Angelo and Christina Marzilli who spent their honeymoon at High Point, North Carolina, visiting all the showrooms.  Two kindred spirits!  Their factory and showroom has expanded from 4,000 to 200,000 square feet over the past four decades.

I was happy to receive a tour of the factory to find out how their furniture was constructed. 

Here are just a few photos from the plant floor. Some of their employees have been with them for 40 years – incredible!

Most of the work is done by hand like cutting the leather:

Factory - Decor Rest

Or cutting the foam:

Factory2 - Decor Rest

Or hammering on the nail heads:

Factory3 - Decor Rest

Beautiful headboards waiting to go home:

Factory4 - Decor Rest

I have never seen an upholstered furniture showroom this large.  They also manufacture the Steven & Chris and Cobi Ladner lines.  A vignette of Steven and Chris furniture in the showroom:

S&C - Decor Rest2

More Steven and Chris:

S&C - Decor Rest

And another chesterfield.  If I had the space, I would definitely consider this for Mr. Decor Happy’s Den.

Chesterfield - Decor Rest

The Cobi Ladner line is fun, colourful and fresh – as can be expected. Love the yellow fabric and leather on these chairs and the graphic ottoman:

Cobi Ladner - Decor Rest

Love the nailheads and the generous size of this sofa:

Decor Rest 

   Impressive selection of beautiful fabrics:

Fabrics - Decor Rest

And more fabrics:

Fabrics2 - Decor Rest

And if you think that leather comes only in shades of brown, you would be wrong.  I would love to see a chair or ottoman in a navy leather.

Leather - Decor Rest

Headboard styles:

Headboards - Decor Rest

So, what do you think?  Their furniture is sold in retailers across the country.  You can email to find a store closest to you that carries Decor-Rest furniture.   (Or you can hire me to have access to their trade only showroom just north of  Toronto :) )

I’ll provide more info on how they construct their furniture in the next Decor-Rest post.  Be sure to Like their Facebook page and read updates here.

Have a great week!


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