Saturday, September 25, 2010

As I mentioned in my last post, I flew in to New York for the day to be in the audience of the Nate Berkus Show.  There were apparently 90 other design bloggers who landed in NYC on or before September 21st, the day of the taping. 

Now, this may sound crazy to those who aren’t designers/decorators/DIYers who blog.  But there was a powerful force pulling us all towards New York from our respective homes across North America.  It wasn’t just about seeing a taping of a show.  I’m sure most of us have experienced that at some point. 

Yes, everyone was excited to be in the presence of Nate, a designer that we all admire and have blogged and tweeted about.  The real attraction, the real reason for arranging babysitters, spending money and taking the time to be in NY for a day was to meet other like-minded designers/decorators/DIYers who write and are passionate about design.  I was on a high for two days after my return from just being in the company of people whose blogs I have admired for years and new friends who shared in this experience together.


At the Bouchon Bakery pre-show with the Canadian Bloggers:  Me, Sarah, Michelle, Kerry, Christine and Lisa.


Tamara, Kwana, Sarah, friend of a blogger, me.


Waiting in line in the sunshine to get into the show.


Christine and I with Janet and Joy, the moggit girls.  They were so adorable and were the tour de force, along with Julieann, in making this happen. 


Canadian bloggers and Chanee 

We were seated in the front row center of the second section up from the stage.  At one point, an audience member asked a design question and Nate was standing not a foot away.  I so wanted to shake his hand when he was done.  I felt like my 8 year old daughter at a Jonas Brothers concert, hoping that her idols would reach down and shake hands.  Unfortunately, she had better luck than I had.

DSC00906 The first segment of the show featured a couple who worked with Emily Henderson, HGTV’s Design Star winner, to declutter their home.  I hope we are able to watch her new show here in Canada because I’m sure it will be filled with inspiration and loveliness. 

Susan, who blogs at the House of Brinson, talked about the renovation of her NYC loft.  You must check out the images on her blog.

We were able to take photos once the taping finished.  Nate then answered questions from the design bloggers.  This isn’t normally a part of the show’s format but he wanted to show his appreciation for all of us being there.  This was even better than the taped segments.  He was genuine, thoughtful, reflective, eloquent – not to mention seriously handsome! 

DSC00910    DSC00914

Chanee’s insightful post includes videos taken during the Q and A session.  Some highlights  were:

  • 80% of what Nate uses in his designs are found objects, vintage pieces, and reupholstered pieces.  Rarely, does he or someone on his design team visit a new furniture showroom.   (Very environmentally responsible.)
  • Nate doesn’t have time to read blogs but someone on his staff  puts together “binders and binders of printouts” of rooms from blogs. 
  • A home should tell the story of who the homeowners are and not be filled with trendy items.
  • Nate is thankful for the inspiration that blogs provide to homeowners and himself.



The lovely Chanee who crafted a blogger photo handout to help us recognize each other.


Sarah, Christine, and I with Camila who organized the after party with Nest.  

trent1 Photo by Trent Bailey (low res that I screen printed).  Check out his website to see his beautiful work.



I was so honoured to meet the Rue girls:  Caitlin, Anne, Crystal    and Alaina.  They are all living their dream of creating and publishing a stylish, successful online magazine.  Their launch party was the night before the taping but unfortunately we weren’t in NYC yet.  It was a real success from all of the photos I have seen. 

These were just a few of the talented and inspiring women (I don’t think I chatted with any men) that I had my photo snapped with.  I also had a chance to meet and chat  with Cristin, Rachel, Kate, Amy, Erika and Kirsten whose blogs I just adore.  I’m sure there were others as well that I am missing.

I hope you enjoyed these photos!  It was a day that went by in a New York minute but one I will remember for a long time.  I’m not sure when the show will air, but probably in the next two weeks. 

(Thanks to Chanee and Christine for some of these photos.)


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