Friday, July 27, 2012

Hi there! Thanks to Jen and Lindsey for holding down the fort while I slipped away to upstate New York for the week. Totally relaxing!

We spent time at the same beach that my husband visited as a boy.

1) Go here and here to read their posts this week in case you missed it. Stay tuned next week, when I will have three more renditions of the room. I will also be coming up with a plan for the room and implementing it over the next month or two.

PS  I really couldn’t live with the term Man Cave so I changed it to “Mr. Decor Happy’s Den.” Kind of has a ring to it, doesn’t it? I didn’t use the hubster’s name (he said he wants to remain anonymous!) but I just answered some questions for the Style at Home spread and one of the questions was, what is your husband’s name? So, sorry Rick – you can’t  hide any longer!

2) Speaking of Style at Home, I realized I never gave an update on the status of the shoot.  To make a long story short, they decided to use the photos I sent in last March with the exception that they would use my photographer to re-shoot the living room. My custom pink velvet ottoman wasn’t in the earlier photo and Ann Marie (Senior Style Editor) thought it should be included.

And guess what? It will be out in August and is one of their Special Publications on Organizing! So, I/we  just have to wait a few more weeks!  Exciting!

3) And speaking of being in print, the folks over at Reno and Decor contacted me shortly after I blogged about the Blogger Backyard Party and asked if they could feature it in the magazine – my/Leah’s photos and words!


It is out now but you can read the digital version here. They are featuring bloggers, so if you are interested and have something to share, contact them at the email above.

4) And I just have to end with this. You have probably seen this as it has been all over the blogs. I’m a little late to the party as I just got back from vacation. This young girl’s dressing room is absolutely beautiful! I haven’t been wowed in awhile but this one really got me. Everything is perfect – the wallpaper, the sofa, that darn cute dog…

Have a look here.

Have a fantabulous weekend! I’m off to celebrate a friend’s 4oth!


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