Tuesday, September 8, 2009

House Beautiful

I just received my October House Beautiful in the mail and instantly fell in love with this arrangement by stylist Arron Hom. One of the things I love about this magazine are it's insightful interviews with the designers of the featured homes. You can glean decorating and design advice and an understanding of why the designer made a particular decision. He says this grouping on a vintage dresser in his bedroom began with the large photo of a bale of recycled paper (who would have thought?): "When I put that green print in front of it, I knew I should do a display." He also says "I played with that assemblage on the dresser like I was an architect working on a city skyline" referring to the heights and shapes of the pieces. What a wonderful way to look at pulling together a collection of disparate objects to create a poignant and beautiful grouping.


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